Welcome to the website of the Hippie Fair of Belo Horizonte

Foto aérea da feira

The market of Arts and Handicraft of Afonso Pena Avenue in Belo Horizonte, also known as "Feira Hippie", happens every Sunday in the city for more than 43 years. The market-place have around 2500 expositors that sells many types of things.

Founded in 1969 it became the biggest open market-place in the Latin America, that receives over 100 thousand visitors of all ages from all over the world and also brazilians.

At this market-place you can find Arts, Jewelry, Toys, Bags & Shoes, Furniture & Decoration, Clothes, and other things. And of course the culinary, the place also offers many kinds of foods and cold beer.

Here you will find some things that this awesome place can offer, not only Sunday, but every day of the week.





      Cirilo Artista Plástico                 Samantha, Rose e Joel                Manancial Embalagens 



           Ellen Bijoux                            Feito à Mão                             Helenice e Delair                  


Welcome to FeiraHippieBH.com

The Open WebMarkets staff in a inovative and visionary way, with partnerships with the traders of the Market of Arts and Hadicraft of Afonso Pena Avenue in Belo Horizonte created this space to promote and show off the well known “Feira Hippie”. Here you will find information about the market-place, see some of the products you can find there and information about the craftsman. What we want is to create a link between craftsmans and visitors, giving them the possibility of trading, seeing not only Sunday but all days of the week!